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SMS Gateway Inbox

You can receive SMS messages or replies on a dedicated number or through a prefix on a shared number. Incoming messages will be forwarded to a URL provided by you. 

Set up your incoming messaging by logging in and visiting the SMS Inbox page. Select the 'Forward to URL' option and provide the URL on which you want to receive messages.

The URL will be called with the following parameters:

Parameter Type Value
message String Your SMS content.
number Int The SMS sender.
destination Int The receiving SMS number, eg. the phone number the SMS was sent to. 
timestamp String A time stamp of the incoming SMS.

An example call:


Which means: Your SMS Inbox on 36207654321 with the prefix PREFIX received a message on March 1, 2016. at 12:23:41 with the followin content: "This is a reply".


(Not sure what an API or SMS Gateway means or how your business could benefit? Read our SMS Gateway Summary.)

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