Barion Pixel SMS Gateway Response Codes - SeeMe
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SMS Gateway Response Codes

Each SeeMe SMS Gateway call will be responded by the status codes below. Use this as a guide for Troubleshooting.

'code' 'message' Problem
0 Message successfully recieved SMS was received successfully. (All OK)
1 Missing parameter: {parameter_name} Missing parameter.
2 Only numbers are allowed in {parameter_name} parameter Only numbers are allowed in parameter_name. 
3 The number must be in international format Phone number must be provided in international format
4 Authentication error Authentication error: API key is invalid.
5 The profile setting is incomplete SMS Gateway Settings are incomplete.
6 The maximum message length is 459 characters SMS lenght exceeds 459 characters.
7 Your current balance is {N}, which is not sufficient for the sending of this message. Your balance does not cover the current campaign. Please top-up your balance. 
8 The Gateway is temporarily unavailable SMS Gateway is temporarily unavailable. We will be back shortly.
9 The given senderid ({sender}) is not allowed or contains illegal characters (only letters and numbers can be transferred) The SMS sender is unathorized or contains illegal characters (only letters and numbers, no special characters)
11 Your credit line is not enough to send the message. Your current balance is {N} HUF, without compensation you can spend {M} HUF Your post-paid allowance does not cover the fees of this campaign. Please contact us.
12 The message contains unsupported character(s) The message contains unsupported characters. Please remove special characters. 
13 Your  {x.x.x.x IP address is not allowed The IP address is not whitelisted.
14 Your  {x.x.x.x IP address is already allowed The IP address is already whitelisted (while whitelisting a new IP address).
15 Callback parameter is misformed: {callback} The given callback parameter is unsupported.
16 Possible length of the message is {N} characters The maximum length of the message is N characters (depends on encoding)
17 The specified callback URL unreachable: {URL} We were unable to connect to the URL provided.
18 Invalid API key The API key is invalid.


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