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SMS Gateway Documentation

SMS Gateway is an API to send and receive SMS globally. Integration into your system takes about 5 minutes if you use our example codes - but a full documentation is available to develop your custom solution.



Dowload our SMS Gateway PHP Class to inetgrate in 5 minutes, but if you prefer, you can code your custom HTTP GET based solution.

Each call gets an immediate response (called Callback) in the format of your choice: text, JSON or XML. Callbacks contain the status of each SMS and the error code if something went wrong. These articles will guide you with the integration:

Quick (5 minutes) Integration Guide

Receive SMS (MO SMS)


You may receive SMS messages from your users through dedicated numbers, short codes or shared prefixes. Activate SMS Inbox in your account to receive to the web interface and turn on "Forward to URL" to receive messages in your software, website or App.

SMS Encoding


Each SMS is sent with GSM encoding by default to allow 160 characters in each single message. If you have special characters, like accents for example, you may also use Unicode encoding, but this will decrease your per SMS character limits. SeeMe also provides a third intelligent option: dynamic character replacing keeps your messages in GSM but replaces unsupported characters with their GSM equivalents.

SMS Callback


You can track your sent SMS messages through SMS Callback. SeeMe will call your predefined URL on each delivery status updtate.


(Not sure what an API or SMS Gateway means or how your business could benefit? Read our SMS Gateway Summary.)

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