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SMS Gateway Callback

You can use the Callback service to receive detailed delivery status updates (DLR) about messages sent through SeeMe SMS Gateway.

You will need a publicly accessible URL which is able to handle HTTP (REST) calls on the URL you provided as default on the  SMS Gateway Settings page or by each request. When sending a message you can request selected status code updates to be sent in a Callback (codes separated by commas). 

'code' 'message' status

Undeliverable due other error

Undeliverable by some other reasons. Please contact us.
2 The sending is stopped SMS Sending service is temporarily unavailable.
3 Transmitted to remote SMSC SMS successfully forwarded to the operator's SMSC.
4 Accepted  by remote SMSC SMS was received by the operator's SMSC.
5 Rejected by the remote SMS (not in use)
6 Delivered SMS was successfully delivered to the recipient.
7 Undeliverable SMS in undeliverable. This is a final status.
8 Waiting for the target device (not in use)
9 Period of validity has expired (not in use)
10 Status is missing
(not in use)

Each Callback includes the following parameters: 

Parameter Type Value
reference String Message reference number, provided by you on the original call
number Int Recipient's phone number
sender String Sender ID
code Int Status 'code', see above
message String Human readable status message
price Float Final SMS price.
timestamp Datetime Callback timestamp.
mccmnc Int Mobile Country Code + Mobile Network Code
split Int SMS count of a concatenated message. (Explanation)

An example Callback:

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