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Integrate SMS Gateway in 5 minutes

Integrate SMS functionality in 5 minutes with SeeMe SMS Gateway. It's really that easy.

The simplest and quickest way to integrate SMS into your software, website or App is our SMS Gateway PHP class:


// Connect to SeeMe Gateway
$SeeMe = new SeeMeGateway('yourAPIkey');

try {
  	'36201234567', // destination
  	'This is my message', // message
  	'senderID' // optional sender
  print_r( $SeeMe->getResult() );
} catch ( Exception $e ) {
  // handle exception
  // print out the response
  // we will get an aassociative array
  print_r( $SeeMe->getResult() );


The example will send a message to +36 20 123 4567 with content 'This is my message' with the default SMS Sender (provided in SMS Gateway Settings). 

More details about our SMS Gateway PHP Class.

Please visit SMS Gateway Settings to obtain an API key.

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