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SMS Gateway Parameters

This is a complete list of parameters for SeeMe SMS Gateway.

Parameter Type Required Value
key String YES API Key for authentication. You may get one at the SMS Gateway Settings page.
message String YES SMS Text (in UTF-8 kódolásban encoding)
number Int YES Recipients phone number in international format
sender String no SMS Sender 
callback String no List of requested delivery status code updates (received via Callback)
callbackurl String no Publicly accessible URL for Callbacks. You may also specify different URLs for each message. If not provided, callbacks will be sent to the default URL provided at SMS Gateway Settings.
reference String no SMS reference number to identify the callback of each message. No specific  requirements, you may use your own format.
method String no The purpose of the Gateway call. Default value is 'sms', which means SMS sending.  
format String no Callback format: text, json or xml (if not provided, default reply format will be the one set on the SMS Gateway Settings page. 

Example call:,6,7

The example call will send "This is my SMS" to 36201234567.

Return values

Parameter Type Value
result String 'OK' or 'ERR'
price Float Estimated price based only on the phone number prefix. Waring! You will only receive final SMS price in the callback, which already includes possible price differenced because of number portability.
code Int 0 for success or the Error Code if something went wrong.
message String Return value in human readable format.
charset String The encoding of the message. Either GSM-7 or UTF-8.
split Int The number of SMS messages used (more than 1 if SMS was concatenated) 
length Int Lenght of the message in characters.

Example return:


Example JSON return:

{"result":"OK","price":14,"code":0,"message":"Your message has been successfully received by the Gateway.","charset":"GSM-7","split":1,"length":5}

Example XML return:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <message>Your message has been successfully received by the Gateway.</message>

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