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SMS Delivery Report (DLR)

Not sure about the meaning of the delivery reports? Let us give you a little more detail about each.

There are 4 basic Delivery Report (DLR) statuses: 

  • Delivered: the SMS was delivered to the recipient phone.
  • Scheduled: the SMS is in queue for scheduled delivery.
  • Pending: this status means that delivery is in progress. The SMS was sent to the recipient's mobile operator (SMSC) but not delivered to the phone yet. This can happen due to a number of reasons: no signal, phone turned off, phone memory full, or any other phone/subscription error (for example unpaid invoices at the recipient).
  • Undeliverable: a number of reasons can cause an SMS to be undeliverable. Most frequently the recipient phone number is inactive. In some special cases, phones roaming abroad are unable to receive messages, and we have seen mobile operators blocking delivery to recipients with unpaid invoices or expired prepaid cards. Some operators use spam filters to block the delivery of repeated identical messages as well.

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