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SMS, the marketing secret.

SMS is a top converting marketing channel, thanks to being personal, prompt and bi-directional. 

Simple to use

Our aim was to create the best SMS marketing toolkit for for you - so that you can focus on your Customers. At SeeMe you will find all the required tools for bulk SMS campaigns, SMS Inbox and list management. Try us today!

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Quality and great pricing

SeeMe works with hundreds of local and international mobile operators around the world to give you the best quality for price ratio. Our sophisticated and proven solution allows us to always use the best path to deliver your messages. We think this (and not commitment contracts) will be the reason for you to stay with us on the long term. 


Trackable and Reliable 

Detailed and easy to understand reports allow you to track your campaign results, including the number of clicks to your website or application. We are connected directly to the mobile operators with high-capacity infrastructure - speed and reliability is guaranteed. 

Mérhető és megbízható SMS szogláltatás

SMS Inbox

Set-up your SMS Inbox today for a two-way SMS messaging with your clients or colleagues. You can rent dedicated numbers (long codes, short codes) or prefixes on shared numbers, reply online or through API. Inboxes may be downloaded or even forwarded to email.

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