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10+ years of SMS expertise

SMS is a technology and scale business. Our long-time and successful presence on the market allows us to be strong in both. You may use the results of this expertise immediately, giving you instant technology and cost advantages.

All in one

SMS messaging is the most effective channel to reach your customers. SeeMe provides all required tools, there is no need to hack around in multiple software. You can create campaigns, manage your customer base and understand the results in one place.

Mindent egy helyen

Use now with no commitments

It's only up to you when you launch your first SMS campaign. Sign up in 2 minutes, top-up your balance with your credit card, PayPal or Bank account and you are good to go! There is no need to hassle with contracts, no fixed monthly or minimum fees, no multi-year commitments. You only pay for what you use. 

Használd azonnal, kötöttségek nélkül

Visible results

SMS Marketig is not only more cost-effective than the most marketing channels, but also measurable, which makes a big difference. After sending your campaign, SeeMe gives you real-time visualization of the results. We even track clicks in SMS (not many providers do). 

Látható eredmények

Easier than 1x1

You don't need to be a programmer or system administrator to use SeeMe. The friendly interface allows you to manage everything easily, without the need of any technical knowledge. All you need is a good message, a few contacts - you can manage the rest with a few clicks! 

Egyszerűbb, mint az 1x1

We're here to help

Unlike most companies in the business we provide real customer service even for small customers. If you are DIY kind of person, you may use our Know-how Articles to find answers, but we are always here to help if you 'd like to ask for support or ideas.  

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