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Forget the contact list hassle. Use SeeMe CRM!

A well maintained and managed contact list is a top priority of successful Direct Marketing (eDM) campaigns. Of course SeeMe helps you here, too! Your boss will be proud!

Top notch contact list management

SeeMe CRM manages all your contacts in a very easy-to-use interface, without overcomplicating anything. Collect, manage and segment your customers easily for better results!

Címlistakezelés felsőfokon

SMS sign up and unsubscribtion

You need to automate SMS sign ups and unsubscriptions if you want to be effective (and law also requires). SeeMe provides out of the box solutions for both: your customers may enter/leave through SMS or mobile optimized pages.

Automatikus le- és feliratkozás

Import your data from anywhere

There is no need to type in all your data maually: simply use SeeMe's import and export features to manage your contact list. .

Hozz adatot bárhonnan!

Contact History

How many messages did Customer X receive so far? How many replies were sent? Which links were clicked how many times? The detailed concats history has all the answers, thus making your life a lot easier.

Részletes ügyféltörténet

Top level of Security

SeeMe's CRM is securely located in the Cloud. You can access your data anywhere without installing any software. Our 24h professional ops team is always there, so you can forget about unauthorized access or data loss.

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