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SeeMe SMS Gateway

SeeMe allows you to automate your SMS messaging. We could not think of an easier and more affordable solution. All you need is good SMS ideas and a few minutes of integration.

SMS Gateway replaces your SMS server

Sending SMS from your software can be done in a number of ways. For example, you may invest in SMS servers and pay the costly operations - and you will end up with slow SIM-based solutions. We know a better alternative: start using our SMS Gateway in 5 minutes! 

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Could not be simpler

A recent customer integrated SeeMe in a few minutes into his invoicig software. Read our SMS Gateway Documentation for more details and sample codes. Stuck? Contact us and we'll be quick to help!


HTTP or SMPP? You choose.

SeeMe SMS Gateway can be connected through easy-to-integrate and popular HTTP calls or with the more complex and robust SMPP protocol. You may even choose between formats: JSON, XML, String. Just choose your flavour. 

HTTP vagy SMPP? Választhatsz!
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Corporate level security 

Security is one of our top priorities. We use all available technologies for the security of your messaging: SSL, IP filtering, encrypted authentication, VPN, secure colocation, ISO audits, and a number of secret ingredients. The result of our efforts are proven by financial companies and government customers.


One API for all needs

We love to be effective. One single SeeMe SMS Gateway API connection allows you to send and receive SMS, receive delivery status updates, pricing, balance and use the full international coverage. Try now - the first few messages are on us!

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